Two projects with ‘Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan’ as the hero?

Two projects with ‘Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan’ as the hero?

Reported By 06 Jul 2020

Recently producer Tomichan Mulakuppadam announced a project, which would be Suresh Gopi’s 250th movie and the name of the hero was ‘Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan’.

According to latest media reports, this project has been stayed by a court order, as there are many similarities for the title character to another forthcoming project, announced by Shaji Kailas with Prithviraj in the lead.

The Shaji Kailas – Prithviraj movie, written by Jinu Abraham, was titled Kaduva and some reports suggest that the character is called, yes.. you guessed it right, Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan!

Incidentally, both the characters have been unveiled with the heroes sitting on the top of a jeep.  What happens next? Well, we will keep you posted for sure.