“Shame on you, Alphonse Puthren,” says V K Prakash

“Shame on you, Alphonse Puthren,” says V K Prakash

Reported By 14 Sep 2020

Director V K Prakash, in his Facebook post, has replied to Premam director Alphonse Puthren for some comments made during an old interview, in harsh words. The comments made by Alphonse were about Prakash’s Trivandrum Lodge, scripted by Anoop Menon.

Incidentally, the interview came in 2013, and is still available on YouTube.


While commenting on the criticism against “new generation movies” Alphonse said that it is Anoop Menon’s scripts for Trivandrum Lodge and Hotel California that have this label.

Prakash says that unlike what Alphonse said, Trivandrum Lodge got UA certificate.

Prakash thinks Alphonse’s comments are in “complete disrespect towards his own profession.” And then says, “Shame on you, Alphonse Puthren.”