Sohanlal to direct Mollywood's first feature trilogy for children

Sohanlal to direct Mollywood's first feature trilogy for children

Reported By 06 Apr 2020

Director Sohanlal has just finished his third child film, Swapnangal Pookkunna Kaadu. The upcoming film is the third part of the first children's film trilogy in Malayalam after "Great Indian Road Movie" and "Appuvinte Sathyanveshanam" which received laurels including a State Award. 

Despite being screened as three separate feature films, Sohanlal says this children's film trilogy is a single picture of three children's stories.

The first movie "Great Indian Road Film" is the story of Balu, a 10-year-old blind child, who restores his vision again. In India, the tale that spanned 17 nations. "Sathyanveshanam Appuvinte" is another path, in search of reality. The film has Appu, a 9-year-old boy who stands with the solution paper of Maths exam in his hand puzzled between rights and wrongs. "Gandhi Jyothsyan," the grandpa who guides the boy through Gandhian principles towards reality, is also in "Appuvinte Sathyanveshanam."

The third and final film in this feature trilogy is "Swapnangal Pookkunna Kaadu." This is the video that incorporates the colors of a child's imagination – navigating through Adam's out - of-rhythm head, a 9-year-old boy dealing with the children's frequently diagnosed metal disorder, ADHD (Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder).

In "Swapnangal Pookkunna Kaadu" Alok Krishna of Clint and 9 fame plays Adam. In "Great Indian Road Movie" and "Appuvinte Sathyanveshanam" respectively, Master Ashray and Master Rithun played the roles of the lead characters, Balu and Appu. The trio also contains other stars, such as Dr. AV Anoop, Madhupal, Sudheer Karamana, Manianpilla Raju, Sunil Sukhada, Felix, Johnny Kuruvila, Krishnan Balakrishnan, Albert Alex, Vinu Y.S., Meera Vasudev, Sarayu and Thamburu. Srivalsan J Menon was the music director of the first two movies while Pandit Ramesh Narayan is doing the "Swapnangal Pookkunna Kaadu" music direction.