Ahaana says ‘a journalist twisted what she told’

Ahaana says ‘a journalist twisted what she told’

Reported By 27 Jul 2020

For the past few days social media has been flooded by posts debating the relevance of a note posted by actress Ahaana Krishna.

The issue started when the Luca heroine posted an Instagram story, where she said, “Saturday: a major political scam news breaks out. Sunday: surprise triple lockdown is announced in Trivandrum. Well, LOL.” Her post was interpreted as a rather surprising reaction, considering the serious situation existing in Trivandrum following the COVID 19 outbreak.  

She was reportedly subjected to “cyber bullying” and she posted a video that was a “Love letter to Bullies”. Now as a reply to an Instagram comment, Ahaana has explained her side of the story. According to the actress, she is being asked for an explanation for not what she told but for what a journalist twisted and said that she told.

Ahaana argues that she hasn’t even used the words Corona or Covid. “Neither have I said anywhere that there was no need for a lockdown.”