Costume designer Stephy Xavior speaks out against WCC

Costume designer Stephy Xavior speaks out against WCC

Reported By 07 Jul 2020

After director Vidhu Vincent, costume designer Stephy Xavior is the latest to come out against the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) movement.  In a Facebook post, Stephy says about an incident happened during the making of a movie that was shown in several International film festivals, directed by a prominent WCC member.

After completing two schedules, she was thrown out just for asking my remuneration, says Stephy. “I was in movies when you were born,” was the “mass dialogue” told to her. Stephy’s name was never given in the movie credits.  

Stephy also says about how FEFKA General Secretary B Unnikrishnan solved an issue that happened in another set following bad behavior from a woman associate director from WCC.

Stephy says it is FEFKA that has always stood in support of women working in technical departments of movies.