Sreesanth OPENS UP on his battle with depression

Sreesanth OPENS UP on his battle with depression

Reported By 23 Jun 2020

ndian cricketer and former Bigg Boss contestant S Sreesanth has gone through lots of ups and downs in his career. Recently talking to Deccan Herald, Sreesanth opened up about his difficult times and his battle with depression.

Sreesanth was arrested by Delhi police and was accused to be involved in the IPL spot-fixing scandal back in 2013. In 2018, Kerala High Court revoked the BCCI life ban on him. Since then, the Supreme Court asked the BCCI to reduce Sreesanth's ban which is set to end in September soon.

Sreesanth spoke to the media that he was scared of the dark at one point. He couldn't step out of the house and also didn't let anyone step out of the house because he feared that they would get kidnapped. He was in depression at that time. However, he handled it and he stated that he couldn't leave his room without a smile on his face as his parents would not be able to handle it.

He even mentioned that he used to cry a lot and was trying to figure out what happened to him. He shared how he started discovering hobbies and started working on them with a lot of seriousness. His family helped him and kept him sane. He was on that edge but he walked back because he knew how much it would hurt those who believe in him and love him.

Sreesanth also spoke on how Sushant Singh Rajput's death has affected him a lot and he mentioned that he was a good friend.