Script writer opts out of Aashiq Abu’s 'Vaariyamkunnan'

Script writer opts out of Aashiq Abu’s 'Vaariyamkunnan'

Reported By 29 Jun 2020

Ramees Mohamed, one of the script writers of director Aashiq Abu’s recently announced Vaariyamkunnan, has decided to opt out of the project.

The director has clarified that he and Ramees differ in their respective political ideologies. 

Aashiq says that Vaariyamkunnan is a project initially discussed with another director. Ramees had explained his stand on the controversy where some of his social media posts from the past were allegedly in a bad taste. The writer had even apologized for some of them.  

“Ramees has the responsibility to convince the team and society about his convictions,” says Aashiq. Until then Ramees will not be part of the team, though the project is still on, the director informs.