Ambili Devi levels serious allegations against actor husband Adithyan

Ambili Devi levels serious allegations against actor husband Adithyan

Reported By 15 May 2021

News has been circulating on social media that actress and dancer Ambili Devi and her husband actor Adithyan Jayan are heading for a split. Now, Ambili Devi has come forward levelling serious allegations against him. In an interview to a media, she alleged that her husband has an extramarital affair.

She said the two of us got married a second time after surviving a lot of crisis. We led a very happy married life until I became pregnant. He was in a relationship for the past 16 months with a woman in the rented house. The woman is a mother of a 13-year-old son. 

She said that she came to know about this in last March and it is not a friendly relation. She asked that if a woman becomes pregnant can we call that relationship a friendly one. “When I called him after knowing it, he said it is not a secret relationship…all in Thrissur knows about it… and we go out together,” she said.

Soon after she levelled the allegations, Adithyan came forward responding on it. He said the problems that happen in everyone’s family life, happened in our family life also. There are problems in everyone’s married life. There are clear reasons for it. I haven’t said that I will kill her or cyber-attack her. The woman alleged to have an affair is a close friend and there is no other relationship. Ambili is attacking me personally. He said that he will expose with proofs the actual reasons for the problems with Ambili.