Bhavana to start shooting for Prithviraj’s upcoming movie Adam

Bhavana to start shooting for Prithviraj’s upcoming movie Adam

Reported By Neenu21 Feb 2017

After the stunning assault on Bhavana, the whole film industry have met up to express their solidarity to the on-screen character. The mettle she appeared to record a body of evidence against the culprits without dreading the media and her picture getting destroyed, has been valued by everybody.

Despite the fact that the performing artist at first set up an overcome confront, she was softened after some slanderous expressions up news channels. She was going to begin shooting for Prithviraj’s up and coming motion picture Adam one year from now, yet she was reluctant and picked to haul out of the motion picture. Prithviraj educated this in his Facebook post.

Be that as it may, every one of her associates and companions from the business have now propelled her to resume shooting. Every one of them have remained by her at this time of pain and propelled her. As indicated by reliable reports, Bhavana will soon begin shooting for the film.

Prithviraj and Bhavana have already acted together in motion pictures like Swapnakoodu, Police Robinhood, Lollypop and so forth. Their last excursion was Shyamaprasad’s Ivde.

Adam will stamp the introduction directorial of screenwriter Jinu Abraham. Bollywood performing artist Mishti Chakraborty is playing Prithviraj’s combine in the motion picture. Bhavana, Narain and Rahul Madhav are additionally playing critical characters in the motion picture.

Despite the fact that Bhavana is not playing Prithvi’s match, she has a plum part which will have measure up to significance as that of the courageous woman. Veteran on-screen character Siddique, Jaya Menon and Baby Abida Hussain, who played Akshay Kumar’s girl in Airlift, are likewise some portion of the cast.

The motion picture will be created by CS Stanly and Jose Simon under the standard of Mass Media Productions