Suraj Venjaramoodu: I am in isolate to dodge any danger of spreading contamination

Suraj Venjaramoodu: I am in isolate to dodge any danger of spreading contamination

Reported By 30 May 2020

How does a pro humorist respond to issues, for example, the lockdown and being in isolate? While Suraj Venjaramoodu put on his socially-cognizant celeb cap and was a piece of the administration's mindfulness battles and social projects, he slips into ordinary comic mode about limitations. 

The entertainer is in self-isolate after as of late taking part in the Subhiksha Keralam program, to which he gave two sections of land of land, in his old neighborhood of Venjaramoodu. Present at the occasion was a CI at whose station a charged had tried positive for Covid-19. "The CI had not come into direct contact with this tainted blamed, yet MLA DK Murali, who was additionally at the program, and I chose, independently, to go into isolate till tests are finished. We had played it safe at the occasion, for example, wearing covers and gloves, yet in addition would prefer not to cause the smallest danger of spreading disease," says Suraj. 

Changing to entertainer mode, he mentions an objective fact on how individuals wear covers. "Individuals will obediently wear covers when they are all alone, yet when they meet somebody, they pull it down to have a discussion, which invalidates the point of wearing it," he says, giggling. "Likewise as a rule, when I go to my tribal home, my mom goes into a furor, and never just plunks down. She is consistently bustling cooking or whatever. This time, she broke her leg similarly as I arrived and had her leg in a mortar. So she has been placed in lockdown, and at any rate is getting some rest." He says that it is excruciating to see the world experiencing a troublesome stage and know about our comrades enduring, however the lockdown has given the bustling entertainer the possibility he hasn't had in quite a while to go through with his family, mother and kin. 

The spare time has likewise permitted him to do cultivating, an expertise he got as an adolescent while helping out his dad. He has planted banana and custard, helped by his own children. "This leisure time has additionally had given me the uncommon opportunity to gain from them. Furthermore, I observed some Oscar-winning movies and read. I have additionally been associated with network kitchens and social work in Venjaramoodu and Attingal, among different spots. This was happy and I felt there wasn't sufficient time in the day to do these things," he says. 

While Suraj has Higuita, which utilizes football as a representation for legislative issues, to anticipate in 2020, the entertainer thinks back with fulfillment on 2019. "I was fortunate to get stunning contents and an assortment of jobs, and furthermore during the lockdown, numerous Tamil movie individuals, including chief A R Murugadoss, called to reveal to me that they cherished my work. During the current year as well, I have gotten altogether different offers and expectation they will work out as expected soon," he says.