Prithviraj’s “duplicate” apologizes to the hero!

Prithviraj’s “duplicate” apologizes to the hero!

Reported By 10 Jun 2021

The new Clubhouse app has received a rousing welcome in Kerala. There are several rooms discussing movies and some of them have celebrity appearances, which attract huge attention.

But already several Malayalam heroes have clarified that they are not on the app, though their fake profiles have been active, at times even doing “live interactions”.


After Dulquer Salmaan, Nivin Pauly, Tovino Thomas and Asif Ali, now it is Prithviraj who has made it clear yesterday that the profile active in his name was actually a fake one.

Today the actor has posted an apology from a person, who says he is a fan of the hero and had mimicked him to gain attention. He realized the seriousness of what he did later and then sent an apology to the actor.

“It’s alright. I understand that it was all meant to be a harmless joke. But I hope by now you’ve realised that something like this could have very serious repercussions. At one point, I believe more than 2500 people were listening in to you and that a good majority of them thought it was me speaking. I had repeated calls and messages from many people in and outside the industry, and it was imperative that I put an immediate stop to it. I’m glad you admit that it was a mistake. Mimicry is a wonderful art form and I’m sure you know many of Malayalam cinema’s all-time greats have found their way into the industry from the world of mimicry. Dream big, work hard, and never stop learning. I hope you have an illustrious career ahead and wish you the very best.

PS: To all my well-wishers and others, I DO NOT condone online abuse. So please stop it. And once again..I’M NOT ON CLUBHOUSE.,” writes Prithviraj.