Mollywood producers miffed over Lijo’s comments

Mollywood producers miffed over Lijo’s comments

Reported By 27 Jun 2020

Ace director Lijo Jose Pellissery made a rather interesting announcement yesterday, “For me cinema is not a money making machinery but a medium to express my vision. So from today onwards. I am an Independent film maker. I will use all the money I raise from cinema to fuel better cinema and nothing else. I will screen my cinema anywhere I feel is right because I am the creator of it.”

These lines have earned great support from a section in Mollywood but has annoyed many producers it seems.

Producer Anil Thomas’ Facebook post clearly suggests how Lijo’s comments were taken by some.    “For us cinema is also money making, a business, expression of visions definitely comes at a cost in Cinema. The Country we live in is absolutely Independent. The creator of cinema is a producer, it is his hard earned money that forms the base. The primary exploitation of cinema is theatrical, it is the general audience that counts,” says Mr. Thomas. 

He makes it clear in no uncertain terms, “We are business people and our priorities come above all...” and adds that “this area is not for narcissists.” A few producers have commented in support of Anil Thomas’ post.

The controversy started when a few filmmakers, including Lijo announced the start of their new projects. The producers’ organisations have been insisting that new projects have to be started only after the completion of the shooting of the movies that had to be stopped due to COVID 19 restrictions.