Lijo Jose Pellissery suggests a new method for releasing a movie

Lijo Jose Pellissery suggests a new method for releasing a movie

Reported By 28 Jul 2020

Filmmaker Lijo Jose Pellissery is known to tread through unknown territories while resorting to experiments.

In his latest Facebook post, the director of Jallikattu suggests a new idea that is in his mind to release his forthcoming movie, Churuli.

Here is the relevant portion from Lijo’s post where he plans to introduce the “matchbox cinema headset” as a solution to the problem of providing a cinema hall experience to the viewers.  


“The idea is to bridge the gap between the creator and viewer by introducing matchbox cinema headset into the equation.(This is basically a VR headset which can be converted for a cinema hall experience)  

Here are the approximate specs for a headset suitable for movie projection

This is from our technical person  

1. HD quality Dual Panels (1600x1080 or better for IMAX quality) with 90-120Hz refresh rate

2. Around 70% angle of view.

3. 5.1 Surround sound (Dolby AC-3) preferred or minimum stereo audio

4. 2-3 hours battery support for continuous playback

5. Low weight/balanced construction to minimise wearer fatigue.

6. Phone pairing or direct OS support for streaming.

7. Media Processor with H264/h.265/VP9 decoding @5k 60/30Hz capability

I thought of ways to create accessibility of VR gears to all. Cheaper ones bought more problems and the ones with quality weren't affordable for all.

This prompted the need for a distribution system, much like our old movie libraries. How do we implement this? Imagine an additional device on the library rack, a VR Headset.  Synonymous to a book library providing the reader with the reading experience, VR facilitates cinema hall experience to viewers. You can implement this immediately because it is an enhancement of a personal experience, just like buying a brand new headphones.  

I am deeply concerned with the release of films on online platforms when a simple idea may revolutionize the industry. I am close to the implementation of my film in a VR platform by partnering with companies like HTC, Sony and Oculus and would be grateful to have a conversation in sharing my complete implementation model (which I have ready) if needed.”