Sherly-Nikki climax sequence shows the acting abilities of Urvashi ma'm: Muthumani

Sherly-Nikki climax sequence shows the acting abilities of Urvashi ma'm: Muthumani

Reported By 25 Apr 2020

After the release of the debut film Varane Avashyamund by Anoop Sathyan, starring Shobana, Suresh Gopi, Dulquer Salman, and Kalyani Priyadharshan, social media has been buzzing over the role of actress Urvashi in it. She plays the girlfriend of a surgeon, Kalyani's mother in character Nikitha. The movie buffs go gaga about the scene where Sherly comes to see Nikitha after her son calls it quits, when he comes to learn that Nikitha's mother is having an affair. In fact, the moment she says, 'Njan vicharichathu ente mon enne poleyaanna.' Avant daddye poleya, allah. Nee varanda 'angottu.

She flies down to Chennai only to meet Nikitha, who had broken up with her son after he discovered that her mother had feelings for another man. During their talk, Dr. Sherly says, "I thought my son was like me, but he's not like his daddy. You shouldn't come there." An empathetic Sherly attempts to ease Nikki's blow by reminding her it wasn't her fault and saying that her son should have known better than leaving someone he wanted to get married, hurt.

Actress Muthumani considers it a moment of liberation for women. "Sherly puts in an effort to consider another woman," she says adding while a big chunk of the characters in the film is judgmental about the romantic affair of Nikki's mother with Major Unnikrishnan, Sherly doesn't mind. 

"She's the mother of someone who belongs to the mainstream, who feels it can lead to rumors and so on. At a time when we know it's time to put our ideas into motion and bring in shifts in social tabuses, thoughts and norms, Sherly makes an effort to do it. Even as her son backs Nikki's marriage, she's going to Kerala to empathize with another woman," she says.Muthumani also extols the acting skills of Urvashi. "Urvashi ma'm only does it with slight gestures so convincingly, and it makes it more cute, she is a super talented actress," she says.