Reported By 27 Mar 2020

In these tough times, Mollywood's Lady Superstar Manju Warrier has lent a helping hand to Kerala's transgender community by raising money to buy nutritious food and groceries. Manju Warrier has offered the group financial assistance that could meet 50 people's food needs for a few days in the middle of the lockdown. Celebrity makeup artist Renju Renjimar has taken her handle on social media and shared her love for the actress.

Renju Renjimar has opened up in a vlog posted by famous activist Surya Ishan about how Manju Warrier provided support for them. Renju said Renju expressed her concern about the need for food products in a casual conversation with Manju Warrier when she asked about the community's whereabouts. The actress has donated Rs. 35,000 according to reports, which could benefit about 50 people.Recent reports also say that Manju Warrier has also given Rs 5 lakh financial assistance to the film industry's daily wage staff who are unable to meet their daily needs due to the cancelation of multiple film shoots.

The Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent shutdown have brought a standstill to the Malayalam film industry. The epidemic has cost a lot with launches being delayed, shoots called off and theaters remaining locked. The regular wage workers in the industry in particular are the most affected, because they have no other source of income. 

FEFKA Directors ' Union has taken the initiative of collecting funds and helping the daily wage employees in the business. Even Mohanlal and Telugu superstars Allu Arjun as well as Manju Warrier have given them financial assistance according to sources.