Geetu Mohandas replies to costume designer’s allegations

Geetu Mohandas replies to costume designer’s allegations

Reported By 09 Jul 2020

Costume designer Stephy Xavior had written a Facebook post where she mentioned about certain issues that she faced from a director, who is also a WCC member.  

Though Stephy didn’t name the director, it was revealed that the person she was mentioning in the post was Moothon director G. 

According to Geetu, the last meeting with Stephy was at her home and they had parted ways amicably.  

Geetu says that “As a director my work expectations were different to the outcomes produced by you and this was in my opinion communicated to you in person. I believe that it could be my mistake that I failed to inspire you to deliver better or maybe failed to see that you did not get a closure in the matter. The entire film was costume designed by Maxima Basu and in the interim when she went for her maternity leave is when I asked you to step in for a small portion. Our association was not fruitful and whatever the events that had transpired following your entry and exit was clearly observed by my entire cast and crew and they can vouch for the same,” says Geetu.