Sanjay Mishra's next, 'Guthlee' deals with Casteism

Sanjay Mishra's next, 'Guthlee' deals with Casteism

Reported By 08 Dec 2020

We as a country have definitely moved forward in terms of science, technology and development and the changes are visible for all to see. But there is a reality seeped within the hinterlands of the country that isn't visible to all, but is rampant in many parts, 'Casteism', a social evil that India continues to grapple with even today.

Sanjay Mishra starrer 'Guthlee' attempts at dwelling deeper into the subject and assess the thought behind this evil still being prevalent in the Indian society. The film, presented by Pradeep Rangwani and UV Films, narrates the story of A small boy who's wish to study and gain knowledge is hindered due to his caste and a family who leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the boy gets an equal chance at education.

'Guthlee' is directed by Ishrat R. Khan and also stars Subrat Dutta and Kalyanee Mulay in pivotal roles.

Commenting on the same, Sanjay Mishra says "Guthlee is a film with a large heart, it highlights the very important message of casteism and its repercussions faced by the underprivileged. I'm looking forward to the shoot as i really believe that these stories should be told and must reach to as many people as possible."

Presenter of the film, Pradeep Rangwani says, "Guthlee is a beautiful film which tackles a sensitive subject through a heart warming story. We begin filming in a couple of days time and it will be shot in a start to end schedule.

We have an absolute stellar cast and crew with us and I'm very confident about our project. Films like Guthlee, that tell an important message while being within the parameters of entertaining cinema always strike chord with the audiences, so we are very hopeful."