Catherine Zeta-Jones is pointing a number at her family

Catherine Zeta-Jones is pointing a number at her family

Reported By 31 Mar 2020

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has revealed that when it comes to her family, she is short of patience, noting that she 'snaps' a lot at them. 

The actress, who is reportedly self-isolating in the midst of the coronavirus crisis with her husband Michael Douglas, 75, and their children Dylan, 19, and Carys, 16, admitted during a live Instagram session that, according to the news, this is the product of being so sweet to her fans in public.

"(It's) just part of the (film) industry because there's a lot of work one puts into being good to total strangers ... not getting off when anyone comes up to you when you're having dinner. We're spending time being sweet and respectful and gracious to others and then then you go snap to the others you're living with," said the 50-year-old. 

"You're not up for all of the little stuff, the people you're closest to in the world. If a complete stranger had said or done anything, you'd probably be really sweet, and wouldn't flip your head," she said. 
Also during COVID-19 solitude, the actress shed some light on life in the Douglas household, contrasting it with her childhood Christmases in Wales.

Sharing that she and the family played pool and board games at their home in New York, she said: "I feel like I've gone back to my nana's house in time!" This comes after the actress revealed that she waited nearly 20 years to see the photos from her 2000 wedding to Douglas. "I looked at the proofs and that's what I never made an album. Recently the photographer got in touch, and I got to see all my wedding photos about three weeks ago. It was a beautiful day," she said. 
Some secretly took shots, however, which sparked a legal battle, during which Zeta-Jones gave evidence.