Chiranjeevi salutes Subhashri Nayak's compassion

Chiranjeevi salutes Subhashri Nayak's compassion

Reported By 12 May 2020

Subhashri Nayak is not just another cop. The Sub-Inspector from Odisha's Malkajgiri district recently showed the way on how to be compassionate by doing more than what you are duty-bound to do as a police officer. She was passing by a road when she found that an old woman, who is reportedly physically-disabled and mentally-retarded, was unable to fetch meals. The sight moved her and she fed her food to the poor woman.

Chiranjeevi came across this video, which went viral on social media last week. He got a call arranged through his contacts in the police department. In the call, the 'Acharya' actor praised Subhashri for the compassionate deed. "Your act has inspired a lot of people. That's so nice of you," Chiru told the woman.

"The cop cares for citizens like her own. I salute her," the 'Sye Raa' actor wrote on Twitter.

On her part, the cop said that she has read about Chiranjeevi's social work. "I am thrilled to have this call with you," she told the Megastar.