Story-line And Review - Red Sparrow

Story-line And Review - Red Sparrow

Reported By 06 Mar 2018

Jennifer Lawrence character, Dominika Egorova is trying to protect her mother at all costs. She is a ballerina by profession and a master of combat. The sedative fighter who crosses all her limit for her mothers protection ends up in a critical situation in which she suffers a career-ending injury.  

At the bleak of uncertainity becomes the newest recruit for asecret service training school called Sparrow School that train skilled people like her. After the training, she emerges as the most ferosious agent. The story then turns to a point where she has to struggle  to hide her identity as a secret agent and  a delima of whom to trust.

The  following are the coments by the views reported in one of the leading sites:

 “Lurid but not quite trashy thriller from director Francis Lawrence, who puts his Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence through trials that never made it into their previous, PG-13 collaboration.

Red Sparrow couldn't be more timely. If only it were a better movie.